Eternity Ring with Diamonds

2,950 4,500 

14K yellow gold or 18K Yellow Gold.
19 Black or White natural diamonds (1.1 m”m diamond)
Measurements (approximately):
1.5 m”m band width

Beautiful thin dainty half eternity gold ring.
It is hand carved by me and has an organic flow.
19 Diamonds are then perfectly set.
You can choose between white or black diamonds.
If you wish to have it with other gemstone, message or call me.

The ring has a similar shape like the Organic Wedding Ring, so the would make a beautiful set.

Eternity ring is usually given as a gift to celebrate the first anniversary or a child birth,
or on any occasion you wish to celebrate a deep connection with your loved one.
I think it is such a beautiful ring that you don’t need a special occasion to have it (o:

Ring Size

EURO 47 , US 4, EURO 48 , US 4.5, EURO 49 , US 5, EURO 50 , US 5.25, EURO 51 , US 5.75, EURO 52 , US 6, EURO 53 , US 6.5, EURO 54 , US 7, EURO 55 , US 7.25, EURO 56 , US 7.75, EURO 57 , US 8, EURO 58 , US 8.25


14K Yellow Gold, 18K Yellow Gold


19 Black Diamonds, 19 White Diamonds