OOAK Pink Tourmaline 14K Gold


14K Yellow Gold
Pink Tourmaline gemstones
14K butterfly ear backs.

Stud #1 – Width 8 m”m Length 9.5 m”m
Stud #2 – Width 7 m”m Length 9 m”m

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This Beautiful pair of stud earrings, is a One Of A Kind piece.
Each gemstone is a bit different in shape and size, and has a gorgeous bright pink color.
Pink Tourmaline is known to be October’s birthstone, so these stud earrings could be a perfect birthday gift.

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love. It clears the heart from heavy feelings.

These earrings are a part of my collection “Sense of freedom”.
It all started from my need to figure out what makes me feel inner freedom, in times that the freedom outside is disturbed.
I started exploring it by working with Tourmaline gemstones.
I chose stones that are not perfectly shaped.
They have a natural amorphic contour.
For earrings I chose asymmetric stones.
It was important for me that all stones would be One of a Kind.
They are imperfect and have beautiful flaws.
They represent the freedom of being who you are. A special unique individual.

During my work, I created the element in which the stone was then set.
I carved it from wax which turned into gold in a process that is called “the lost wax technique”.
Carving for a stone has rules, proportions…
and although the stones are with free shape, the carving wasn’t free…
I found my freedom while carving, by diving deep into the endless shapes and sparkles inside the tourmaline stones.

For this collection I chose the following colors of Tourmaline, each representing an aspect that I feel is important for the “sence of freedom”:

Black – Black Tourmaline is great for energetic protection.
Pink – Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love.It clears the heart from heavy feelings.
Yellow – Yellow Tourmaline remind us to have confidence in ourselves when we face the world.
Green – The green tourmaline warms the heart and helps one rejuvenate vital life force energy.

So when you wear one of my pieces from this collection,
remember to feel your inner sense of freedom.

Created with lots of love and gratitude.

Care & Handling:
Please prevent jewelry from coming in contact with cleaning or beauty products (hand cream, body lotion, perfume….).