Scribble Golden Statement Bracelet


Material – High quality gold plated brass.
1.5 m”m round wire.
Finish – Shiny

Available sizes:
S – for smaller hands.
M – for bigger hands.

This is a free style wild “scribble” large bracelet.
I create it from a brass wire which I twist and sculpture each time in a different way.
This is what makes it a one of a kind piece.
(For this reason, the item in the photographs will not be exactly the same as the one you get.)

If you love it and choose to order it, you will be able to adjust it a bit, carefully to your arm by gently twisting it to fit you perfectly.
I offer 2 sizes –
S – for smaller hands.
M – for bigger hands.

high quality 14K gold plated brass round wire.
Nickel free plating.

Measurements (approximately):
Wire thickness – 1.5 m”m (0.06 inch)

Finish –


S, M